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About Me

Ayush Khatwada (born 1996) known as JackyJe, is a Nepalese rapper, songwriter, producer, engineer, and also owner of CAMI MUSIC in Dallas, TX.

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, Jacky Je first began his musical career after founding the management/record company CAMI MUSIC in 2018, and subsequently released his debut single “Pistol By My Side” and “9 Times Out Of 10” in 2018. The singles were released in Dallas, TX fro his own label.

Jacky Je owns Studio 4040 in North Dallas. In his personal studio, he records, write music, create beats, and engineers all music on his label. He has managed different artist like Baby Yungin, CountdownJohn, and Pyoungsta, as well as himself.